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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these frequently asked questions before you book.

1. What does the price include?

A transfer price will include a single journey, either from your arrival airport, to your accommodation or from your accommodation to your departure airport. This is organized in a private taxi / Van / Bus. And you will be the only client on board. Tolls, taxes and other expenses are already included in your price.

2. Do I have to give tip to the driver?

Up to you. The tip in Spain is not compulsory. It's freely given to the driver to show satisfaction for the service received.

3. How do I contact my transfer upon arrival?

After you have collected your luggage, the driver will meet you at the arrivals hall, located after the customs area. The driver will hold a sheet with your name. If your arrival airport has a particular procedure for collections, this will mentioned in your booking confirmation. We will wait for you up to one hour after the scheduled time. If for any reason you cannot find our driver upon arrival, then call the number listed on your booking confirmation. After this hour, and before  canceling the service, we will call you, to your contact phone.

4. May I book return transfer?

Yes, you can, but if this is your first booking with us, we recommend to make the return in a second booking. Why? We offer after the first booking, a discount. If you book a round-trip, the discount system will consider this, as only one reservation. If you do that separately, the return transfer will have the discount.

Remember: the price & discount that you can see online, is only available on this site, and through this site. We can not guarantee any agreement that you can fix with the driver.


5. What happens if my flight is delayed?

We try to be informed from every delay in order to give the most efficient service. But no one as you, know if there are delays, or you loose a connection. So, we expect from you, relevant information to follow the journey. The driver will be informed, and will fix the new meeting time. Note that we give one hour free waiting time at the airport. If this time becomes longer, additional charge can be applied.


6. Calculating Transfer times?

On the way back to the airport you have to fix the departure time from your accommodation. If you need help to make the calculation, we will do it with pleasure. CONTACT US.

7. How much luggage can I take?

We assume that you know the total size of your baggage better than us. For this reason you should choice the most convenient car size for your transfer. The luggage capacity is marked in every choice.

8. What happens, if the payment becomes wrong?

In any case, after the reservation, you will receive an email with your reservation code. If the payment is not successful, you can try again, using the page Check Your Booking, where introducing your code and email, you get again your booking.


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